Tourist Objects in Yogyakarta

To savor unforgettable melancholic reminiscence over inspiring Javanese legacy, Yogyakarta is the absolute choice. Residing in central Java, this artisans’ city seizes most discerning travelers due to its mesmerizing cultures, historical architectures, and super-friendly indigenous. In fact, Yogyakarta now happens to be the charming Bali contender that shares myriads of exciting corners one must visit […]

About Yogyakarta

As most of the city inhabitants swarming over Alun Alun roundabouts, or what used to be called as Sultan’s ground, you would inevitably encounter a unique juxtaposition between Javanese nostalgia and the chic modernity. There lie few humble riders of dokar, the local transport of a horse-drawn carriage  slouching comfortably on the grassy rug while […]

Prambanan Temple

The misty dawn unfurls white haze cloistering over Shiva’s home, god of destroyer, which thrusts upward to the sky forty seven meter high. And there it goes undeniable sense of awe tingles on every nerve, equally thrill and reverence inflict in one’s mind easily. How grand beloved houses of god’s can be, albeit the stony […]

Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta

There are many interesting places you can visit in Yogyakarta. The city on the Central Java is known for its Javanese culture that is still maintained by the people there as well as the many historical sites that is still remain until present day. Apart from those aspects, it is a beautiful city that is […]

Malioboro, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city that is also known for its culture and is located on Central Java. Yogyakarta also becomes the main tourists’ attraction in Java. There are lots of people from all over the world come to this city to witness the richness of its culture. Besides famous for its cultural heritage, Yogyakarta is also […]

Keraton Yogyakarta

Once you are there, the vastness of the halls sweeps your breath away. Imagine a secret city lurking inside a sprawled Javanese cradle, Yogyakarta Keraton or Sultan Palace shimmers and fascinates culture buffs who desire to discover precious authenticity, irreplaceable heritages that can never be out of date. Established in the eighteenth century and still […]

Kota Gede, Yogyakarta

A different shade befalls upon Kotagede’s street sides in Yogyakarta. History notes that Kotagede once was the colonist’s central administration, although present reality has shifted this image into a serene, suburban retreat suitable for quiet travelers. Especially at nights, Kotagede sparkles as a symbol of old days excitement of an artistic city such Yogyakarta   rendering […]

Borobudur Temple

When each thing in the world is designed to tell a story, Syailendra Dynasty has made all the differences. Etching 2,672 relief that entail virtuous Ramayana tale on the inimitable massive stone temple, the devoted kingdom spent almost an entire century in crafting the Buddhist scintillating fascination to life. What still stands erect now is […]

Getting to Yogyakarta

Reeling in a fast shuttling train that has propelled off from your previous destinations in Java Island, ranging from Jakarta, Bandung, to Surabaya, requires at least seven to twelve discerning hours to arrive at the rich haven of traditional Javanese arts and culture, Yogyakarta. As the carriages slide waveringly on the clanking railways, you can savor […]