Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Mount Rinjani is Lombok’s highest volcano and is also actually the second highest peak in the entire Indonesian archipelago. Mount Rinjani is one of the main volcanoes in the famous ring of fire that it a huge circle of large volcanoes that spans round a large portion of the globe. The volcano stands at over […]

Sukarara Village

Sukarara Village is located in Lombok in the centre of Lombok which is the next island east of Bali and only two islands along from the main island of Java. Lombok has a developing tourism industry that is not yet even close to that of its neighbor of Bali but offers excellent facilities in some […]

Mangsit Beach

Mangsit Beach is located about 10kms north of Senggigi which is about an hour north of Mataram and a less developed quieter place to stay. The accommodation is of an excellent standard although it is not the international standard that is offered in Senggigi. There are plenty of really nice bungalow resorts situated right on […]

Diving in Lombok

Diving in Lombok is incredible and is far superior to the excellent diving that Bali has to offer. The reason for this is partly due to there being more areas that are protected from the fierce swell of the Indian ocean but mainly due to the proximity of Lombok especially on the west coast to the […]

Water sports in Lombok

Water sports in Lombok are some of the main reasons for the increase in the tourism industry in Lombok, whether you prefer to be under the water or over the water, there is plenty to get involved in or if you want to try something new then Lombok is a cheap place to get lessons […]

Lombok Cultural Performance

Cultural performances across Lombok are diverse and varied with vibrant life and peaceful ceremonies. They include a scope of dances based on warriors to peaceful ceremonies for burials and offerings etc. The most popular of these is known as the peresean, which is a high-energy fight between two young men with rattan sticks and shields […]

Lombok Population

The population of Lombok which is the next island to the east of Bali is a tiny 3,000,000 people who are spread over the 4,725km2 of Lombok’s land although the majority of the people are concentrated around the west of the island around the capital city of Mataram and the port of passage to and […]

Lombok Tourism

Lombok Tourism and travel information guide. The tourism industry has been growing since many years ago. The tourism services and facilities are well established to cater the needs of each traveler to this island. Lombok tourism becomes one of the major income after agriculture. With its easy accessibility, this island can be reached by air from major cities […]

Travel to Lombok

Travel to Lombok from other parts of Indonesia can be easily arranged either by air transportation, bus and ferries. Travelers to Lombok can start the journey from Bali on the west and Sumbawa on the east. Regular flights and buses serves from both islands. It is easy to book flights from Bali to Lombok as […]

About Lombok

A short distance of 20-minute flight to the east has safely departed you off Bali to Lombok. The second island, which often receives acclaims as Indonesia’s best kept secret, derives the exotic name from Javanese translation of “Chili”. Interestingly, Lombok surely rises up the heat when it comes to the indulging notion of traveling pleasure. […]