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Waka Land Cruise

  • Waka Land Cruise
  • Waka Land Cruise

Waka Land Cruise is another way to enjoy the beauty of Bali, its fabulous panoramic views, and its local culture. There is subsiding calmness once you sip a cup of hot tea in a silent morning break overlooking the mountain slope of Batukaru. Stretching as far as sparkling emerald rice terraces, the foothill area appears totally virgin untouched, unspoiled for a growling Land Rover to rummage its off-beaten-track later. But nothing should digress your selfish fun plan. Let us hit the gas and spend all time to discover what is yet uncovered.

Waka Land Cruise smartly amazes discerning tourists who love to observe new things in life. A juxtaposition of thrill and mystery complements this scintillating journey to Batukaru natural interior, a sheltered enclave of paradisiacal beauty. Especially as you penetrate deep into ancient quarries along with splinter avid travelers, in which the inside holds an undisturbed peace for contemplative piece of mind you hardly bestow whilst living in fussy big cities. Its pitch dark surrounding also embraces chilly wind gush, though for every step taken your curiosity grows quietly, questioning what molecular minerals might have transformed to be after eons of years buried under stalactites. Perhaps, “beyond words” is the perfect summary to describe it all.

The next venture spurs reveling moments under the sun. Batukaru natural hot spring grasps ultimate pamper that will reinvigorate your senses completely. With just a quick plunge-in, you can feel the hot bath unraveling tense muscles, discreetly seeping in an impeccable self-decadence to your insatiable pleasure. Nevertheless, the best has not yet to come. Waka Land Cruise also envelops piquant persuasion in a fabulous luncheon set at a fancy Bamboo Restaurant nearby the finishing point. The accent architecture conveys the right combination between exotic touch and artistic comfort. For you and private buddies, a toast of either red or white wine will fix pleased grins easily. You might as well eye the breathtaking serene meadow on the outdoor. Beauty that never dies, the landscape enchantment is real and hypnotizing – it is a different face of Bali you have never captured anywhere else. In other words, it is probably what you have been asking for so far, a sliver of heaven on the modest ground of the earth.

There are few things you need to remind before sliding into the sublime Batukaru. Simple preparation consists of shades, camera, trendy cap, and cozy jumper tossed into a practical backpack. Other details of Waka Land Cruise are conveniently taken care of, letting you kick back and enjoy the ride.

Waka Land Cruise starts from your hotel around 07:300 and will return approximately at 16:30.
First thing in the morning, an air-conditioned pick-up transfer sweeps you off the current hotel to the awaiting start point. Fragrant tea or dark coffee served during the morning break shall relieve any queasiness minutes prior embarking. Moreover, the amiable staffs have meticulously set all the necessary pamper at the destined finishing line, where both wine and beer are gathering to make a toast to your zealous achievement. Soft drink and mountain coffee replenish otherwise if you are into teetotal lifestyle. But to top it all off, a pair of translucent-gold cognac will instill inevitable euphoria for you and a beloved partner at this hidden gem of the world, Batukaru, Bali.


What is included in this tour?

  • Mineral water during the journey
  • Morning tea or coffee and Balinese snack at Balinese farm house
  • Lunch with complimentary soft drinks, wine, beer, tea or Balinese coffee at Bamboo Forest restaurant
  • Visit to sand stone quarry, a traditional Balinese farm house, an option to go for 30 minutes soft trekking, learning to make “canang” and visit to Batukaru temple.


What’s not included in this tour 

  • Personal expenses