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Ubud Tour

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Ubud Tour

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Ubud is an enchanting border between Balinese fantasy and divine reality. Taking exuberant travelers to regale in scintillating histories of monumental temples around the artisan haven, Ubud Tour proposes an exquisite journey to a bereft chapter of life which most urban travelers have forgotten. It is when every piece and bit of ancient artwork, cultural routines, and sacred locations retains intact meanings along with indispensable importance. Loose primordial macaques at Ubud Monkey Forest, for instance, have been imbued with a seemingly ridiculous belief such as they are guarding four dainty temples dwelling inside the vast wild park. And soon, in enigmatic way, you will discover palpable Ubud love: draping on the traditional clothing, polishing everlasting sanctuary masterpieces, and emanating through the indigenous smile and warmth. Ubud is as nice and easy as a utopia on earth can be.

The prime spot to spoil oneself up to the limit is Ubud art-market. Stretching from Peliatan to Pujung Street, an array of art shops irresistibly enamor relaxed saunterers with exotic crafts and curios. Various items ranging from hip bags, garish accessories, idol statuettes, to colorful door mats are stacked comfortably on shelves for your leisure picking on Sunday afternoon. A recommended shopping list features Ubud slippers, elaborated in floral-pattern embroidery, as must-have footwear. Although some price tags are reasonable, few fine arts, particularly paintings, are definitely worth to haggle for. Opening from early morning to late evening, Ubud traditional market exudes delightful art-shopping experience.