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The Ubud tour is a half day tour around the Ubud region allowing you to witness the very best of Ubud within the timeframe of a single day. The Basic Ubud tour is 4 hours including free time in the market and an hour and fifteen minute lunch break, this can however be extended 1.5 more hours include watching a traditional dance display for a small additional cost. Included in the price are pick up and drop off to you personal hotel an Indonesian set lunch at an exquisite little warung restaurant in Ubud.

The beauty and benefit of this kind of tour is it gives people who are on a limited time scale or wish to spend some time walking around Ubud a chance to experience the select most desirable areas without creating a stretched and tiring feel to day, each area is observed at your own pace and there is the freedom to wander around at your own accord or follow the tour guides informative and entertaining guidance.

The tour includes a combination of participating and witnessing local crafts such as the wood calving and painting in various villages located on the out skirts of the centre. A visit to Tegalalang which is a particularly beautiful Padi field area just north of Ubud where the amazing hollow fields create unique patterns and flows within this detailed landscape as a result of the required complexities of the irrigation system required. A visit to the painting museum is an interesting aspect as there is a mix of modern art of excellent levels as well as Balinese painting that have been famous for generations and also the work of famous international artists, all of which have found inspiration form this magical area.

Puri Saren is a the Ubud king palace which is used as a governance centre for the entire empire, this is a grand building that displays the wealth and culture of the higher class of the Balinese which is hard to come by. Also the Ubud Market Batuan Temple is a notable temple that is particularly interesting and has a fascinating history, if you plan to visit a temple and even if you don’t then this temple is an excellent place to spend an hour. The Conservation monkey Forrest is a small tropical forest of very large trees where groups of protected monkeys area kept, these monkeys are notoriously tame although don’t hind your bananas as the cheeky little things will seek them out. The Ubud tour is a really good way to see the Ubud region in a limited timescale without becoming lost or missing any of the areas.

What’s Include in The Tour

Air conditioned with Driver Guide


What’s NOT Include in The Tour

Meals and drinks

Entrance fees

Tipping for driver