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Nusa Dua Turtle Island Tour

Nusa Dua Turtle Island Tour

The entry fees to some of the areas are not included in the price although they are likely to be well under a dollar with the proceeds going towards the causes and the local councils. First of all you will call at the infamous Nusa Beach which is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the Balinese and Indonesian scenery with the clear blue waters stretching as far as you can see and the reefs providing waves for surfing as well as protection for the lagoons which are perfect for swimming as well as a selection of other sports. With all this and some fabulous facilities you will be able to enjoy the Balinese paradise and everything offered around the Nusa Dua area before moving off to the next location.

After relaxing on the beach and checking out all of Nusa Dua’s sights and facilities, the Nusa Dua and Turtle Island Tour will then the chance to see some of the village of Tanjung Benoa which is just to the north of Nusa Dua and offers a less developed set up which is located around a harbor area offering view looking out onto the protected water as well as at the interesting attractions and places of interest which surround the area. With natural mangroves and some great opportunities to visit the Hindu temple as well as a mosque and the Chinese temple which is one of the historic references to the Chinese influences over Bali. With all of this in mind you will be able to take part in some of the water sports offered around the Tanjung Benoa area on the Nusa Dua and Turtle Island Tour.

The tour will continue to the turtle island called Serangan, although this is a separate island there is now a bridge way linking it to the mainland of Bali. Here you will be able to enjoy the full length of the beach which is still lined as all of Bali’s beaches once were, with traditional beach huts looking onto a pleasant lagoon with some surfing opportunities on the outer reefs. As well as this the Serangan Island offers the main conservation project of turtles in Bali. This area is taken seriously and you need to show some form of ID to enter as there have been problems with theft in the past as turtle, although illegal to eat in Indonesia, is still seen as a luxurious delicacy by many. Anyhow you will be able to see the baby turtles and some of the larger turtles and learn about the projects and problems that the dedicated team has faced in their quest to repopulate the Indonesian waters with these incredible animals.

Tour Inclusion:

Air conditioned car, sailing boat, English speaking tour guide