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Kecak Dance Tour

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Kecak Dance Tour begins later in the afternoon as you will be taken in air conditioned transport to the southern most tip of the island where you will have chance to look around the temple of Uluwatu where you will see all of the traditional carvings and ceremony areas as well as witnessing the cultural happening within. There are also a number of monkey residing naturally in the area as you will find in many Balinese holy areas.

On Kecak Dance Tour you will be able to visit the temple, then go into the Kecak Dance area and witness the sacred dance throughout the sunset and into the dark. After this you will then go to Jimbaran Bay on the way back to the hotel where you will sit on the beach and enjoy the incredible seafood BBQ food which is of a very high quality and well worth the experience. This is an excellent way to spend on of the afternoons of your holiday keeping most of the evening free for entertainment.

The tour begins at your hotel where you be picked up by the transport and then you will travel out of the tourist areas and then head into the beautiful Bukit area where you will see al of the surrounding beautiful areas. When you reach the temple you will be issued with a sarong for cultural respect when entering the temple and after looking round you will go into the arena for the Kacak Dance.

The Kecak Dance is an extremely high energy dance with a 20- 40 man vocal choir. This incredible display of energy is a trance dance to please the spirits and gods. There are a number of stories told in the traditional Balinese performance and you can see the main Hindu and Balinese stories as well as witnessing the fascinating fire display at the very end of the dance.

After the incredible performance you will then head back to Jimbaran bay, a beautiful and romantic beach setting where the day’s fresh fish and seafood is barbequed over coconut husks and served with salad, rice potatoes and a variety of sauces. This exquisite cuisine is a real Bali must with some of the largest prawns, lobsters and all sorts of fish and shell fish. All of this is provided with a candle lit table as well as a candle lit horizon provided by the fishing boats bringing in the next evening’s fine seafood. After this you will be delivered home to your hotel in air conditioned transport. You will also have the opportunity to look around and buy carvings and other interesting items from the markets and sellers around the area. These objects can be very interesting and the local love to barter meaning you get the full cultural experience when enjoying Kecak Dance Tour.

Tour Inclusion:

  • AC vehicle and English speaking tour guide
  • All entrance fee, donation, parking and toll fees
  • Dinner at local restaurant (sea food set menu
  • Tax and service charge