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10 Days Orangutan and Dayak Tour 08/11/2017 - 03/31/2018

per person$1.700,00
The 10 Days Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour is the longest tour offered of the Borneo area and is a compete itinerary of the areas sight seeing potential in terms of the wildlife, the reintroduction enclosures and the culture of the local Dayak villages.
per person$300,00
he 2 Days Banjarmasin Floating Market offers package tours to explore the local people activities around the Floating Market on the river.
per person$300,00
The 2 Days Orangutan Balikpapan Tourwill give you another teaching of participating the life of Orangutan and the forest itself by planting trees during your trekking.
per person$450,00
The 3 Days Banjarmasin Tour feature the explore to the traditional floating market in Barito River and Canal Mining Tour - Tour in Banjarmasin
per person$690,00
The 3 days Mahakam River Tour is focused on getting to know more about the longest river in this island as well as enjoy the quietness of the nature and the tropical rain forest in your surrounding.
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per person$450,00
The 3 Days Orangutan Tour is a short adventure to see the Orangutan in the tropical rainforest. The tour starts from Balikpapan, the capital province of East Kalimantan.
per person$450,00
The 3 Days Orangutan Tour begins with flight from Jakarta to Semarang. Flight from Bali or other parts of Indonesia shall be via Semarang then continue to Pangkalan Bun.
per person$0,00
The 4 Days Mahakam River Safari Tour offers great opportunity for travelers to explore more on East Kalimantan from Balikpapan. 4 Days Mahakam River Tour combines the trip to visit the Dayak Village. This is an adventure tour from Balikpapan in East Kalimantan to explore Mahakam River and experience the Dayak Culture.

4 Days Orangutan Tour from Balikpapan 08/11/2017 - 03/31/2018

per person$950,00
This is an adventure trip to explore the natural habitat and life of the Orangutans. You will begin at the Pangkalan Bun Airport where your guide will meet and greet you before setting off up stream into the mangroves and jungle.
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per person$950,00
The 4 Days Orangutan Tour from Pangkalan Bun gives travelers the opportunity to explore more about the habitat of Orangutan in Central Borneo, Kalimantan of Indonesia. The 4 Days Orangutan Tour is an adventure trip starting from Pangkalan Bun.
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per person$870,00
5 Days Mahakam River Orangutan Tour is a combination of Orangutan Tour and exploring the famous Mahakam River from Balikpapan in East Kalimantan.
per person$790,00
The 5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour focuses on the fascinating culture of the Dayak people who live around the river and still use the land in the way they live.
per person$1.150,00
The 6 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour includes trekking where you can take off the boat and then walk through the jungle guided by the guide and see the deeper jungle.