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Orangutan Tours

Borneo Adventures Tours to Visit Orangutan - Central Borneo

East Borneo Tours

The Orangutan Tours of Borneo in Indonesia are an excellent way to add some relaxing diversity to  add to a traveling experience if you area traveling trough Indonesia. There are a variety of different options that offer different slants on the main orangutan visiting areas and the different Orangutan tour covers from 3 days right up to ten days depending on your budget and time constraints. All of the Orangutan Tours of Borneo begin from Jakarta with a flight out to Semarang in Central Java connecting to Borneo although it is possible to negotiate extra flights such as Bali to Jakarta meaning this is an easy tour to do no matter where you are in Indonesia or even Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Once you arrive in Borneo you will be transferred via a traditional Klotok boat up the coast and away from reality into the jungle where you will take the river upstream and take in not only the wildlife, culture and beauty but also its deep tranquility.

You will have meals on the boat and you will also sleep on the boat for most of the nights. You will however have the option if you wish to sleep at the various on land lodges. Either way the facilities are basic and simple with just a bed or mattress, a mosquito net and toilet. You will visit the different monkey camps such as Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanguy where you will different age groups of orangutans begin treated and monitored while they await their reintroduction to the wild. You will also see their feeding time and learn about the problems that the workers face in the protection of these magnificent creatures. You will also see the results of the reforestation projects in the area and the importance and benefit that they have had for the local wildlife.

Some of the Orangutan Tours also include trips to the local villages so you can see the traditional performances and talk to the local people and get an idea of the culture of the local Dayak people. This usually involves a party and a speed boat ride for transfer. Other Orangutan Tours of Kalimantan or Borneo will lead you on hikes and even rapid canoe runs through this beautiful area. All of the Orangutan Tours in Borneo, Kalimantan are all inclusive meaning all you need to bring is some extra money for drinks and for when you visit the local markets if you wish to buy souvenirs. You will transported back down the river after the tour and then depart back to Jakarta to continue your travels.

The Orangutan Tours or Borneo Tours of Indonesia are an eco friendly way to travel and witness these incredible animals and see a beautiful area of the world. The increase in popularity of these Borneo Tours means the locals are seeing financial benefits of being in these schemes as well as moral meaning that the reforestation and protection of wildlife is growing in the area.

Travel Tips
Visiting the orangutan in Borneo can be started from Semarang in Central Java or Surabaya. Flight from Jakarta is recommended with Garuda Indonesia to Semarang then connecting with other domestic flight to Pangkalan Bun. Travelers from Bali may take morning flight to Yogyakarta then overland to Semarang. Need to have one night in Semarang before flying out to Pangkalan Bun. There are also flight serving Surabaya to Sampit Central Borneo then take 4 hours car to Kumai.