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Lombok Tours

Lombok Tours - Sightseeing, Adventures Tour and Mount Rinjani Trekking

There are general sight seeing tours in Lombok and more specifically orientated tours for those who have more specific interests. As Lombok is home to some of the world’s best surfing and diving there are a significant proportion of people who travel to Lombok on a tour that is dedicated to these activities. These kinds of tours in Lombok are best booked through known and international acclaimed businesses so you can sure of a competent and professional service for you money. As boats are usually required and due to the adventure nature of these Lombok tours, it is usually better to pay a little more if possible because as with most things you really do get what you pay for.

However the most common Lombok tours are sightseeing tours that include the secluded secret beaches of the south that are possibly some of the most beautiful areas in the world, the mount Rinjani and its surrounding villages, the Gili islands where the diving and partying is good as well a there being a very slow and relaxed paced of life and also a night’s stay in Senggigi where there is some marvelous dining and accommodation. In the centre of Lombok and really in all areas there are some incredible markets where you can pick up some unusual and interesting items. Lombok is famous for its batik and Ikat fabrics as here the designs used are particularly enchanting and desirable.

Lombok Tours is an excellent choice for Bali and beyond tour as it is the closest and smallest island area with the biggest differences to Bali in every way possible. Lombok differs not only culturally but also in its dryer climate and sparser landscapes. Tourism has not yet affected Lombok in the same way that it has in Bali and the only real areas with any kind of a tourism industry are Senggigi on the north east coast, the nearby Gili Islands and the Kuta area of the south of Lombok where the surfers stay although even here services are limited. With the Muslim Sasak culture, the people are different but equally as friendly if you are respectful to their culture. It more important here to where modest clothing when traveling, although it is fine to wear beachwear on the beaches and in the resort areas and towns.

Some of the more specific tours in Lombok and longer tours will include extended periods of time island hopping around the Gili Islands and maybe some trekking in the Mount Rinjani area where you can watch the sun rise and set over Bali with incredible views of the entire island. For an easy trip which is inexpensive Lombok is the popular route to take, you can use the bus and ferry option which is incredibly cheap or fly or take a fast boat which is excellent value for the services provided.