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Komodo Tours

Tours to Komodo National Park - Adventure Tours

Komodo National Park is one of the Indonesia’s national park covering hundreds of small islands on the western part of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara. Travel to West Flores are easily made from Bali by planes, bus and Pelni. The fastest way to reach Labuan Bajo is by air which is around an hour and 60 minutes flights. Your Komodo tours starts from Labuan Bajo then continue with boat trip to Rinca Island, Komodo Island and other small un-inhabited islands nearby.  The customized Komodo tours range from day tour if you are staying in Labuan Bajo, 2 days Komodo tour to 6 days Komodo Diving Tour. The more days you have, the bigger opportunities you will have to explore the surrounding islands. Komodo adventure tour does not only visiting the giant lizard or the dragons but take a chance to explore the beauty of under water world within the Komodo National Park. Diving, snorkeling and fishing are your adventure activities that any one can not wait.

How to manage your tour and trip to Komodo National Park efficiently at reasonable prices. With us your adventure tour to other parts of Indonesia including Komodo in West Flores will be easy. All special tour are offered at discount rates. As the Komodo adventure tour departs daily from Bali or other cities in Indonesia, it will be efficient to plan the tour including air fare or without air fare. But if you take Komodo Tour then proceeding the adventure tour to other parts of Flores, we suggest to take our Komodo Tours without air fare.

Flores Island offers breathtaking panoramic views, amazing underwater world and rural trekking areas. By combining your Komodo and Flores Adventure Tour, you will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and interact with the local people. The Komodo adventure tour usually begin in Bali with air conditioned transport from your hotel to the airport and then a flight to Labuhan Bajo in the west of Flores. From here you then take a boat out to the Komodo Island and the Rinca Island where the adventure begins. This adventure tour usually only takes a morning and then you will be witnessing the beauty and wildlife of these areas before you take your first nights accommodation in this strange and magical land. It has never been easier to make these kind trips with more frequent flights and tour operators who specialize in linking and transferring tourists quickly across to other areas in Indonesia and combined this service with deals on over night stays and meals at recommended hotels and restaurants. This means that not only is it faster and stress less to use these services, it is also invariably cheaper and a more effective use of your time in the area.

You will be accompanied by a guide who is a local and has a keen knowledge and interest in the area and about the safety precautions when trekking through on the Komodo Adventure, he will be able to fill you in on the historical facts and the facts about the animals of Komodo. You are guaranteed to see the magnificent and terrifying Komodo dragons as it walks in its natural landscape. This is one of the only areas in the world where these beasts can be spotted in the wild. There have been new safety measures that mean that the local people and the Komodo dragons can live side by side although it is not allowed to feed the dragons now. You will also see some of the other strange indigenous animals such as the flying foxes of the mangroves and the giant rats. There are also other large lizards to see in this beautiful land ad as if all of this was not enough you will get chance to snorkel around the bays and lagoons and see the thriving marine life of the area.

All of the tours to Komodo National Park  are aimed at different tourists although there are general tours that all people may want. Some Komodo adventure tours focus more on the Komodo dragons where as others focus on the diving and snorkeling as well as having trekking tours where you cover more land by foot and witness more of the fabulous land. There are different lengths of time available so you can fit the Komodo Adventure Tour into your Bali holiday and make the most out of it possible depending on your personal interests and time constraints. Obviously the more time you spend the more the flight and travel costs become worth while although the short trips are excellent if you have limited time. All meals and transfers are included in the prices as well as overnight stays and any admission costs encountered along the way.