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Bali offers a huge amount of sight seeing located around all areas of the south surrounding the resorts and also located all around the entire island. The different types of Bali sightseeing from the many various and differing temples around the island, the areas of incredible natural beauty such as the lakes, mountains, forests, beaches, cliffs and rice paddies which make up the classic Balinese landscapes. Besides the temples there are also plenty of other traditional sights such as the villages and markets located around the islands. As well as this there are some incredible historic areas including the colonial areas and the ancient landmarks around the island. There are also the different areas of Bali which offer quite different landscapes as well as cultural differences meaning that there is so much to see in terms of Bali sightseeing. Denpasar has plenty to see and some of the best markets, temples and museums. There are also areas around Ubud and the rest of Bali where you can visit markets in less built up and modernized areas.