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Hotels in Senggigi

Hotels in Senggi, Lombok - Best Rates Available

Bintang Senggigi Hotel Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Bintang Senggigi Hotel is a perfect resort for those who prefer a more conventional application of luxury within their accommodation. The Senggigi area is lush, quiet and has plenty to including sampling the exquisite restaurants of the area.

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Puri Bunga Beach Cottages Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Puri Bunga Beach Cottages is perfect for couples and families as well as anyone looking for relaxing beach holiday of superior luxury and calm serenity.

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The Oberoi Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The Oberoi Lombok is of a very high quality and offers not only a beautiful intimate and yet spacious grounds but also a beach front location with one of the most effective infinity edge pools imaginable where the pools appears seamless with the sea. T

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Puri Saron Hotel Senggigi Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Located right under the hillside on the beach of Senggigi is the grand traditional palace like resort of the Puri Saron Senggigi Beach Hotel Lombok. The grand buildings and grounds are very well laid out with a fabulous pool area located in the central courtyard within the luscious gardens and with a calming sea view.

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Jayakarta Hotel Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The Jayakarta Lombok Hotel is an ideal accommodation for a totally retreat and relax by the pristine white sandy beach.  Covered by the beautiful garden landscapes with hundreds of coconut trees in a quiet location of Meninting Beach.

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Hotel Tugu Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Hotel Tugu Lombok is away from the crowds of tourism area around Senggigi Beach and is around an hour drive from Lombok Praya International Airport. It is a luxury boutique style hotel in Lombok.

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Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The wonderful Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel is located right on one of the most desirable beach locations of the area and has an impressive 12 hectare tropical garden containing 100 beach view rooms.

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Bukit Senggigi Hotel Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Bukit Senggigi Hotel is ideally built on hill right in the heart of Senggigi beach, The Bukit Senggigi Seaview Cottages is just 50 minutes from Lombok Praya Internatinational Airport. Set in the hill with the breathtaking panoramic view of Lombok Strait, the hotel has a good location.

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Holiday Resort Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Holiday Resort Lombok is around 20 minutes drive from Mataram Airport and is within an hour drive from Lembar Harbour of Lombok,.

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Senggigi Beach is within 60 minutes drive from Lombok Prata International Airport and is one of the most famous Lombok Holiday Resort Destination in West Nusa Tenggara. There are some recommended hotels in Senggigi, Lombok including the international chain hotel. provide comprehensive listing of hotels in Lombok and accommodation.

When the moonless night reappears, well wrought Senggigi fishermen dart through the water fortress dauntlessly. The only guide, as you notice from the cool cocoon of a luxurious seaside hotel, is a dim kerosene lamp tucked aside the waving white washed sail. It is a glimpse simple life that may set your own sail straight after having sunk in the fussy whirl of metropolitan ennui for a very long time. Undeniably, a peace of mind collected in this tranquil spot, away from any relentless work and traffic, would inspire you up to overcome the rest of the days in a year. Although Senggigi Beach has proclaimed itself as the most advanced site in Lombok in terms of tourism, its leisurely, natural ways of life have, fortunately, not yet turned into a total consumerism deprivation with the natives becoming money leeches like in other so-called exotic hideaways. A complement of such an awesome beach and a few vibrant late night bars, Senggigi district comforts your subtle desire for a real hideaway in a breathless seaside.

To reach this spotless destination, the first priority is a booking on a short 35-minute flight from Bali to Mataram, the capital city of Lombok. Disembark off the plane soon and cramp yourself into a taxi or a bemo heading north to Senggigi taking approximately 15 to 20 minutes. But, there is a far more splendid alternative of getting picked-up by a cool convenient car from the reserved beachfront hotel. Be it modest hotel suitable to backpacking style or delicate stars hotel in Senggigi, easy booking through our either website or contact number will serve you generous indulgences and expedite any future planning.

The first beautiful spectacle you can observe once you arrive at the serene seaside is the limitless ocean. You may swim off the beach which is an absolute pleasure and raison detre over staying in one of the hotels in Senggigi. The cool ripple along with chill sea breeze may tantalize you to take off your shirt and plunge in immediately. There are only few surfers occupying the rolling creamy waves while a less number of hawkers reside on the seashore waiting for intrigued customers toward Senggigi’s accent souvenirs. Soak a little longer until the sun withdraws beneath the horizon. Sunset golden sparks reflected on the undulating water flow grips your heart out fast. Conveying unspeakable melancholy as the day escapes into the night, the sunset in Senggigi is a must-see feature.

Batu Bolong Temple is the next in where-to-go list in Senggigi. This ancient Hindu sanctuary hides in a scenic cape overlooking the raving beach waves, two-kilometer drive from the city center. Renowned as catering for Brahma’s sitting on one of its stony moulds, the temple is a free tourism object which embraces Bali’s Hinduism repercussions in a Moslem majority of Lombok’s. What lies ahead in your next schedule is sumptuous dinner in a fancy eatery. Various preferences such local, Western, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and, even, Italian cuisine are interspersed within the flock of beachfront restaurants. While you are here, one particular Lombok delicacy, Taliwang Chicken, should instill unique flavors into your craving. Join a fabulous nightlife party in several beach clubs afterwards. Have a little paradise in this gorgeous land of Senggigi, Lombok.