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Hotels in Manado

Hotels and Accommodation in Manado, South Sulawesi

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Gangga Island Resort Manado Hotels in Manado

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Gangga Island Resort and SPA is a resort located in a small island, northern part of Manado named Gangga Island. This resort is very quiet as a perfect resort to runaway into beautiful sanctuary of tropical island.

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Hotels in Manado are growing and there is plenty of choice in this area. There are many resorts in Manado and its surrounding  from the top end international resorts through the midrange down to the budget hotels in Manado  and generally you can expect to pay less other more popular places as the competition for the smaller numbers of tourists is not present. There are a number of hotels in Manado located along the coast although it is important to find out if your beach hotel is on the beach or a 5-minute walk away if you are looking for what most of us would call a beach hotel. There are a few tall hotels in Manado that have amazing grounds and pools and other facilities and are located right on the beach with fantastic views of the bay and the mountains.

There are a large proportion of the visiting tourists who visit Manado due to its proximity to the incredible diving of the islands to the north of Sulawesi. Accommodating their needs are many resorts that offer diving and usually have a large dive boat and their own diving center. Typically these resorts in Manado are intimate little places located right on the beach or very close to it and they usually offer great accommodation. These resorts are open to none diving travelers as well and are usually very nice smaller tranquil places.

Some of the hotels in Manado area also offer great tours of the fantastic nature reserve located just above the mainland, which mainly consists of sea and incredible reef and muck diving with a few islands. These cruises are fantastic and some places even have a sister hotel or a clubhouse located on one of the islands that you can sail to and enjoy for the day. If you are in Manado only for a day or two there are plenty of cheaper places in the city close to the airport where you can lay your head and some really nice places although with such an incredible bay and coastline if you are staying any longer than one night and have the energy you should not miss out on this beautiful area.

Almost all of the hotels in Manadao have their own restaurants and bars on the grounds and the gardens and communal areas are usually very nice indeed. Airport transfer and welcome drinks upon arrival are not rare and especially with the more expensive places and even with many of the cheaper ones. Reception and service is usually very good and a smiling and pleasant staff member is commonplace as with most of Indonesia at worst you may just have to wait a little longer for some things although you will find that the staff will go out of their way to help you if you ever have a problem or require something specific.