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Hotels in Makassar

Hotels and Accommodation in Makassar - South Sulawesi

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Horison Ultima Makassar Hotel Hotels in Makassar Makassar

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Horison Ultima Makassar Hotel is located in the city centre of Makassar but close to the beach. This is a perfect position for benefiting from the services and facilities of the city centre.

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Hotels in Makassar are growing in number, size and diversity although when you compare Makassar to other more frequently visited areas. This is to be expected and is really for many people on the main attractions of the area. Makassar is located on the southwest coast of Sulawesi and is the location of the airport for the southern region of the island. With tourism improving across the island on a low key level there are now more people who find themselves staying in a hotel in Makassar before or after visiting other area or visiting Makassar’s wonderful sights and beaches. Many of the hotels are modern although there are also many traditional style hotels but most hotels in Makassar retain the traditional heritage in some form whether it is the theme of the resort or just subtle color schemes, furniture or inspired styles. There are many different price ranges out there to find from the international level top end resorts and hotels through to absolute budget and everything in between. You will find that the prices tend to be of medium level in comparison to somewhere in Indonesia; you can however expect your hotel to have a swimming pool and a traditional garden area with some good services and facilities.

If you are selecting a hotel in Makassar close  the beach on the beach then you can expect to pay a little more but subsequently you will also find that these places are more popular and therefore more established with lovely pools, water sports and other activities as well as restaurants on the beach fronts and wonderful views of the harbor and beaches. Hotels in Makassar  are usually suitable for anybody and ideal for families and there is actually a lot to do and see with Makassar as you base where you will find all the services and conveniences you desire.

Facilities should include air conditioning, a mini bar, a lock up box (either in the room or reception) a hot and cold pleasant bathrooms with baths and showers, hot and cold drink making facilities, television and an international telephone. These are all facilities you would expect to be receiving if you are staying in the better budget hotels and any of the midrange to top end places. As for actual villa facilities you should also have access to a great pool that will usually have the restaurant and the bar close by and if hotel is a beachside villa then these facilities will almost certainly be on the beach with excellent views.

Most Hotels in Makassar  offer small tours around the south of the island including the orangutan areas and the incredible tribes and local traditional villages. You will usually receive transport from the airport when you arrive and depart as well as complimentary services of some nature during the time you stay. Diving is also popular in these waters and so there are some dive related resorts that you may wish to use if SCUBA diving is an interest of yours.

Makassar was formely named Ujung Pandang the capital of South Sulawesi is the home to Bugis sailors, infamous for their fierce some attacks on European traders in the 16th and 17th centuries. Famed for their seafaring culture, the Bugis are still the driving force in the world commercial sailing fleets.

Centuries ago Bugis Vessels sailed as far as Australia, leaving behind drawings of their ships on stones and words which have since been integrated into the Aboriginal language. Makassar is a commercial city and an industry area featuring cement and paper manufacture. Makassar is also the transit point for other travel destination in the eastern part of Indonesia. Ujung Pandang Airport connects with all major cities in Indonesia including Bali, Bandung, Batam, Jakarta, Lombok, Manado, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and other cities.

Travel around the province of South Sulawesi and do include on your travel itinerary Toraja highland and other attractions on the region. Various choice of hotels are available at discount rates for advance booking.