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Gili Air Lombok

Hotels & Accommodation in Gili Air Lombok

Gili Air Resort

Gili Air Resort  Gili Air Lombok

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Gili Air Resort is a perfect place for relaxing break where tranquility and tropical island paradise is the theme but access to the mainland and then to Bali is extremely easy and fast. Ideal seclusion and easy island hopping adventures.

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Hotels and Accommodation in Senggigi Beach

Jayakarta Hotel Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The Jayakarta Lombok Hotel is an ideal accommodation for a totally retreat and relax by the pristine white sandy beach.  Covered by the beautiful garden landscapes with hundreds of coconut trees in a quiet location of Meninting Beach.

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Puri Bunga Beach Cottages Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Puri Bunga Beach Cottages is perfect for couples and families as well as anyone looking for relaxing beach holiday of superior luxury and calm serenity.

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Aruna Senggigi Resort & Convention Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Aruna Senggigi Resort makes a great place to conduct a family or couples holiday from offering pleasant rooms, great service and delightful facilities which all together create a fantastic option for enjoying this lovely part of holiday.

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Puri Mas Boutique Resort Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Puri Mas Boutique Resort Lombok is without doubt one of the most secluded intimate little establishments in Lombok. This small guest volume across two separate grounds allows the staff to interact and tend to your every need offering classic Indonesian hospitality that is sure to be a lasting memory.

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Holiday Resort Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Holiday Resort Lombok is around 20 minutes drive from Mataram Airport and is within an hour drive from Lembar Harbour of Lombok,.

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Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The wonderful Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel is located right on one of the most desirable beach locations of the area and has an impressive 12 hectare tropical garden containing 100 beach view rooms.

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Hotel Tugu Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Hotel Tugu Lombok is away from the crowds of tourism area around Senggigi Beach and is around an hour drive from Lombok Praya International Airport. It is a luxury boutique style hotel in Lombok.

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Pool Villa Club Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The Pool Villa Club offers a refreshing level of perfection across the board. The prices are competitive with the master suites of other villas as The Pool Villa cuts out the standard villas only offering the very highest of luxury in a locations.

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Bintang Senggigi Hotel Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Bintang Senggigi Hotel is a perfect resort for those who prefer a more conventional application of luxury within their accommodation. The Senggigi area is lush, quiet and has plenty to including sampling the exquisite restaurants of the area.

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The Santosa Villas & Resort Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The Santosa Villas & Resort Lombok  is a very well established collection of top range villas and hotel rooms located in Senggigi. It is a deluxe resort which a number of excellent facilities as well as a very luxurious and lavish set up.

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The Oberoi Lombok Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The Oberoi Lombok is of a very high quality and offers not only a beautiful intimate and yet spacious grounds but also a beach front location with one of the most effective infinity edge pools imaginable where the pools appears seamless with the sea. T

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Qunci Villas Hotel Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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The accommodation at Qunci Villas can be divided into the hotel, the Pool Villas, and the Luxury Villas. The latter of which are located slightly up in the hills, behind the hotel, and overlooking the bay with the best possible views, and pretty much define contemporary luxury in Lombok these days.

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Bukit Senggigi Hotel Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Bukit Senggigi Hotel is ideally built on hill right in the heart of Senggigi beach, The Bukit Senggigi Seaview Cottages is just 50 minutes from Lombok Praya Internatinational Airport. Set in the hill with the breathtaking panoramic view of Lombok Strait, the hotel has a good location.

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Puri Saron Hotel Senggigi Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Located right under the hillside on the beach of Senggigi is the grand traditional palace like resort of the Puri Saron Senggigi Beach Hotel Lombok. The grand buildings and grounds are very well laid out with a fabulous pool area located in the central courtyard within the luscious gardens and with a calming sea view.

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Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort Hotels in Senggigi Lombok

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Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort is one of the leading beach hotel in Senggigi offering supreme luxury within this idyllic holiday destination. Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort has a prime spot on this beach away from the other resorts in a particularly desirable area.

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Gili Air is the nearest Gili Island to the northwest coast of Lombok where the three Gili Islands sit. The Gili islands have become more and more popular to tourists who cross through Lombok but they are still never anything like as crowded as Bali. Gili Air has the largest population of local residents of the three islands where many of the locals still farm and fish in the traditional ways. It is not a rare sight in the morning to see an older man shimmying up a tall coconut tree to bring down a selection of ripe coconuts to feed his family and sell on the market. The culture of the island of Gili Air is very different and more laid back than on the rest of Lombok although the religion and origin of the people is Sasak, which is the same as on Lombok. it is said that the people on Gili Air are more friendly than on the other two islands and the rest of Lombok although this is obviously a sweeping statement that should not be over weighed.

This quiet and relaxing little island only has a few luxury hotels in Gili Air and villas although it is easier to find budget accommodation in Gili Air around the island. It is easy to find accommodation and hotels in Gili Air. Owing to this is the islands relaxed and tranquil atmosphere than is hard to find on Gili Trawangan. From here you can catch the twice a day hopping boat that allows you to visit all three of the islands in one day, the next island out is Gili Meno which is even more tranquil quiet and un-spoilt then Gili although there is less life there, the next boat will bring you to Gili Trawangan where there are parties and relaxed chilled out day life although this island is further developed towards tourists then the preceding two.

The snorkeling and diving on Gili Air and Gili Meno is out of this world and recognized across the globe as being world class diving. Biodiversity here it very high and there are larger animals such as turtles and manta rays that are common to see, especially since the recent efforts to protect these animals. There are also some really well built up fan corals and wall corals making this area an amazing place to dive. There are a number of dive specific resorts and dive shops and tour operators on the Gili islands where you can stay and get excellent package deals on you diving in the area and your accommodation. When getting around the island it is best to use the horse drawn carts or hire a bicycle, this is not only a great way to cruise round and soak up the scenery but also is a great way to keep fit and lose a few pounds to go with that tropical tan. Gili air is a fantastic place to choose if you are going for serenity with a little culture and minimal crowds, a true tropical paradise.