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Bali Sea Cruises

Sea Cruises in Bali to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida & Dinner Cruise

New Added Sea Cruises in Bali

Bali Sea Cruises to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Sunset Dinner Cruise are available with a variety of different focuses and concepts. The main companies who organize cruises in Bali or located in Nusa Dua, Sanur mainly Benoa Harbor. Trips include day trips around Bali, trips that involve sailing and staying at a private location in Nusa Lembongan or evening romantic sunset trips that return to the same bay offering a wonderful sunset lunch for a small secluded number of onboard guests. Vessels differ between large luxury cruiser with amazing services and facilities including restaurants bars, entertainment on board and amazing rooms and on deck view points down to intimate little luxury crafts that may take a private party or a few guests on a personalized tour. There are also a view Bali Sea Cruises operators who have wind powered crafts for those who have a more traditional and romantic idea of crossing the water, of course these crafts invariably have outboard motors in order to travel when the wind is light or in case f a drop in wind. The large unmistakable companies are all well equipped with all the modern safety and navigation equipment and are fully insured offering a service that meets all regulations worthy of international sea faring. There are however a number of substandard practices that should be avoided and are obvious to spot. Don’t hand any money over until you have seen what you are paying for.

The standard Lembongan Bali Sea Cruises usually involves a day aboard the cruise boat which may stop at an ideal location for snorkeling and diving before retiring to a private resort on Lembongan where luxury accommodation and spa facilities await. There are usually a wide variety of activities that can be participating in such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and other waterborne activities as well as trips along the secluded coastline or into the traditional local villages where you can shop on the eastern market stalls or climb into the mountains where amazing views of Bali and the patchwork effect of the seaweed farms are viewable. Also if you are that way inclined, Lembongan is home to some world class surfing although this is best left to the experts on this island. After this day further exploration usually winds up with a tri back to the port of departure followed by transfer to your hotel.

The romantic Bali sunset cruises are usually available only to a small number of guests per journey who are positioned each with a spectacular view and secluded from the other guests for a private atmosphere. There is a sliver service three course dinner with a delicate menu of culinary delights of the highest order almost invariably featuring fresh seafood and other delicacies. Bali Sea Cruises is around a specifically undeveloped and beautiful are of the east of the island where the sun sets over the island giving a taste of timeless Bali before returning to port. Again transfer to your hotel is usually included.