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Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel

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5 star
Hotels in Yogyakarta
Jl. Affandi - Gejayan, Complex Colombo, Yogyakarta, 55281, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia

Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel holds  sort of misnomer in its brought up middle name. What meets the eye is no less than minimalistic property of protruding Javanese residence on Gejayan Street, inside Yogyakarta’s Colombo Complex. The low-rise building actually conforms to an innate local proverb that adores paddy rice philosophical gesture as its ripened version poses a bending posture, implying how wise if ever one’s becoming older grasps the humbling bent as well. But, as usual, never judge a book from its cover, experience seems to be the only answer that would justify one’s pithy whether the ethnic accommodation can truly provide reveling shelter to one’s undisturbed sleep. When the afternoon sun rises at its peak, you penetrate the lobby room in endearing suave; it is about time to reveal the secrets.

Albeit the quiet fanfare employing merely courteous staff’s pleasing grins, the simplified Javanese décor exudes extravagance effervescently. Intricate wooden carvings occupy spare corners amidst dominant natural-minimalist array. Bright lights relieve one’s senses while the oversize doors appeal irresistibly alluring. Your discovery mission is riddled within an easy stroll to the Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel every inch to unfold any surprises beneath the humble artificial. In a short time, you spot the turquoise swimming pool tucked in a breathtaking landscaped garden. Further walk unfurls three energizing facilities suitable for perky business travelers who are intrigued to compete in another match-ring beside economy. Both night-lit tennis court and beach volley-ball entice the whole gang to exaggerate their aptitude on ball maneuvers. The jogging track lap is an equivocal means to sweat up one’s physique as well as to boast the hotel’s other hidden temptations. In anyway, there is no harm to tie up one’s almost-forgotten running shoes and re-embark on a thousand feet-swings which would expose the rest of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel‘s charms.

Varied guestrooms enable you to think twice before landing any options. While all are furnished in similar premium amenities of cool air-conditioner, international direct dialing telephone, satellite TV, and mini-bar, the deluxe choice saves idyllic garden and water fountain views as well. Bathtub and shower dwell in the ample bathroom which is complemented with practical hairdryer. Nevertheless, deluxe room’s thirty-three square-meter is outclassed by Junior Suite’s forty-square-meter privacy. Executive Suite gains an additional square meter to Junior’s size, although both pertain to the same views over swimming pool and multicolored gardens beyond the balcony. For higher indulgences, Parlor Suites imbued with an appeasing living room and carpet floor pamper most affluent clienteles. The utmost decadence, however, stays in the ostentatious Presidential Suites. The 114-square-meter residence owns an individual Jacuzzi and two bathtubs fit in two bathrooms. If only money is not a limited subject, you surely know what to opt for in Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel.

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Amenities of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel

Healthier alternative that may tone not only your calves but also the whole lot more muscles is available at Kirana Health Club within the Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel. Impressive collections of weight training equipment and cardio routines turn out to be quite exhausting prologue before you plunge in the private one-and-a-half-meter swimming pool. What next is a visit to Sekar Arum Spa that goes out all the way to shower you with flower bath, head to toe. Rose petals garner the hot water bath, which may be enhanced by mixing rich organic materials such as milk or herbal ingredients. The last cosset lingers in Srikaton Restaurant where abundant scrumptious meals will tantalize your insatiable cravings. Its round-the-clock service guarantees fresh order of either International or local delicacies, even for a number of six-hundred persons who might flock in the eight in-house function rooms during late nights. As the previous body treatment leaves you famish aftermath, holding back your hedonistic desire to savor Srikaton buffet is out of the question. A thin slice of bacon and a chunk of spicy chicken grill added with quenching cocktails on the side are readily seeping their piquant addiction into your mouth.

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